October 10, 2015


Publishing, Printing,  Translation, Editing,  Distribution,  Writing Assistance,  Project preparation


We invite manuscripts of all genres for submission. After one of our editors reviews the manuscript, we will work with the writer towards successfully publishing the manuscript. An ISBN will be automatically given to the title.


We offer cost-effective printing solutions on bulk orders, be it your novel, research material or special occasion calendar! When we say “cost-effective”, we mean it!


We provide highest standard of quality work of translation of manuscript in all recognized global languages. Translations at Winterbloom Publications are fast and economical.


If a manuscript is accepted, the editing is included in the process. However, a cost-effective separate editing service is also available.

Note that editing at Winterbloom includes formatting plus book design.


We offer book distribution service digitally as well as to the markets.

Writing Assistance

We can give you concepts or we can help you develop one.

 Project preparation

Literature or Visual, we have solutions for all kinds of projects. Concepts, stories and non-fiction materials – all of these can be prepared through digital interaction with you.